Two Reports You Need To Read to Understand the MENA Startup Ecosystem

Are you interested in learning more about the MENA startup scene? Not sure where to start? Well, MAGNiTT, an online community connecting entrepreneurs and their startups to investors, mentors and co-founders from the MENA region, has recently compiled two reports that will help you do just that.

Report #1: The MAGNiTT State of Startups 2016

In this report, MAGNiTT uses the latest statistics from its online community of startups to highlight the funding needs of the MENA ecosystem, how strong the different startup ecosystems are, the popularity of startups by industry and much more!

Report #2: MAGNiTT’s Funding Tracker 

Using publicly available articles, MAGNitt has created a simple and useful timeline of investment in the MENA, which gives a month-by-month break down of which startups are receiving funding in the region and who funded them. Checkout the MAGNiTT blog for the full breakdown.

Funding 2016: $476.2m ($201m exl. # of deals: 61

Attention: You can also check out the latest numbers for startups funded this year by checking out the Funding Tracker for 2017 and comparing it to previous years [Funding Tracker for 2014 and Funding Tracker for 2015.]

How else is MAGNiTT enriching the MENA startup ecosystem?

The MAGNiTT platforms creates value for different stakeholders in the region in various ways:

  • Entrepreneurs
    1. Gives them a platform to create a profile for their startups and share it with interested parties.
    2. Enables them to connect with investors in the region.
    3. Allows them to grow their team by advertising on the MagNiTT job board.
  • Investors
    1. Helps investors discover and connect with startups.
    2. Streamlines the deal flow for investor and entrepreneurs.
    3. Streamlines the process of recruiting startups for their investment portfolios.
  • Providers
    1. Allows different providers to advertise their businesses to startups.
    2. Enables providers to connect and collaborate with startups.
    3. Creates an opportunity for providers to become mentors or promote their CSR efforts.

Also, make sure to check out the #ASKMAGNiTT forum  and hashtag on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to get valuable advice and learn more about entrepreneurial best practices. If you have questions yourself, use the hashtag to pose your question and the MAGNiTT team will help you find answers!

If you haven’t checked out the MAGNiTT platform yet, you should definitely do that ASAP!

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