Photo Series Day 5: Making Friends #InMyBurkini

As a society, we are always forced to question our self-worth. Am I thin enough? Am I tall enough? Am I curvy enough? So on and so forth. For years, I also struggled with these questions, and the approval-seeking tendencies that came with it, until I realized that it was nobody’s business. My Islamic dress, burkini or otherwise, doesn’t it keep me from people. In fact, it is quite the opposite. It has liberated me from the people, and the judgement, that might keep me from being the most authentic version of myself. I have found myself in myself and I have been very fortunate to find so many people along the way who support and appreciate me exactly the way I am.

This photo captures one of the best moments of my senior year of college. My friends and I went to Ocean City, Marlyand to enjoy an amazing day at the beach where we ate funnel cake, crabs and other “terrible” things I can’t remember. As this picture proves, friends are the people who make your crazy seem normal.

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