Book Review: Who Will I Become by Sallyann Della Casa

Who Will I Become, written by Sallyann Della Casa, is one of the shortest, yet most powerful books that I’ve read about leadership in a long time. Before I opened the book, I thought to myself: this would be such a cute gift for a new reader. And then I started reading the text and I couldn’t put it down. As a young person in the 21st century, I felt that every quote in the book addressed some existential question that I’ve struggled with and reaffirmed many of my own hard learned lessons. I connected with this book, because it simply conveyed the philosophical truths that we need to understand to embrace who we are, so we can love ourselves and unlock our potential as individuals, leaders and communities.

Anybody who reads this book can tell that it was a labor of love. From the inspiring quotes to the captivating images of Caribbean children, taken by Australian photographer and musician David Lazar, it’s impossible to miss all the compassion in its details. I especially love how Della Casa opens her book with “A Love Letter to a Leader of Tomorrow,” because it reminds of the prayers that my mother has written for me since I was a child. This beautiful letter, which leaves a blank space for the book’s giver to fill in the receiver’s name and to sign off with their own, shares the loving advice that I hope that every person, regardless of their age or background, can receive from the people they love.

Caribbean child from Who Will I Become

As Della Casa said in her introduction to the book, which actually comes at the end, “this book is for children and ‘adults who have lost their way’” and I couldn’t agree more. The older I get, the more I realize that being an adult doesn’t mean you have all the answers, it just means that you’re old enough to pay your own bills – sometimes. Throughout history, people have struggled to survive in the face of great adversity, but for many in the 21st century the challenge is no longer surviving, but thriving. The question that many younger and older people ask themselves today is: how can I find happiness and purpose, while also serving others and the planet? While this book doesn’t have all the answers, it certainly shares many powerful truths that will help you find your own.

Ultimately, what I really like about this book, is the fact that it doesn’t ask readers to “find” the leader in themselves, it actually encourages them to reawaken the inner leader that is often trapped by the self-restricting beliefs that we learn or teach ourselves “to survive.” Whether you’re an adult who wants to “go back to basics” to see how the world should be or you’re a child who wants to see how the world could be, I would highly recommend you read Who Will I Become.

About the AuthorSallyann Della Casa

Currently based in Dubai, Sallyann Della Casa is a
Canadian Trinbagonian and the “Lead
Tree Shaker” of The Growing Leaders Foundation, which focuses on reawakening the potential of leaders, educators and entrepreneurs through inspirational content, workshops and educational curricula that promote leadership skills and innovative capacity building.

Most Memorable Quote

“Who you will become is an evolving reincarnation of self that takes a lifetime. Every day brings with it a new “becoming” so do not give up asking the question.”

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